Thanksgiving Week and Clinic

We had a little time off this week for Thanksgiving. For a wrestler, it is rare to be able to enjoy a Thanksgiving. Hopefully the time to reconnect, refresh, and reload will help our guys down the road with their final exams and on the mat. During the season, due to competitions, it is hard to get good training cycles. Because of the time off competing, we were able to get some good training under our belt.

On Saturday we hosted a clinic. We had 63 kids show up for the 2 hour clinic. Our guys did a good job working with the youths. I was pleased. We also sold 20 season tickets at the clinic.

After the clinic, we hosted a public workout. For whatever reason, the team struggled. Maybe they were fatigued from the long day, maybe they were lethargic from too much turkey at Thanksgiving, and maybe I did not push them enough. I am unsure, but as a coach, I need to figure it out and make an effort to help them improve.

The margin for error is small in college. Little mistakes in training, little mistakes in lifestyle, can be the difference between winning and losing. I have talked on this point several times with the team and will continue to express it to them as long as I am their coach. We need to train hard, we need to eat right, we need to get the right amount of rest, and we need to make the right choices in life. Good decisions add up, but so do the bad ones.

A few of the guys continue to struggle with making their preparation a priority. It seems like they find reasons not to make it to practice. I know, in the end, they will regret cutting corners. People always do. It is better to live without the regrets and live without the “what if’s.” I hope they can make the change before it is too late. My fear is this lack of accountability to the team will drag some of the others down. I am hopeful the others will see it as the path not to follow. I am hopeful the team will pull the few who struggle along with them. I also know this is a hard thing to do. It is much easier for them to pull others down.

Before the team left for the short break for Thanksgiving, I gave them a training plan. On the plan, I told them to find excuses to train. Make the other parts of their life revolve around their training, not the other way around. They should set their schedule in a manner that enables them to make practice and preparation the priority. For some people this is second nature, for others it can be a struggle.

This weekend we will be tested in competition. We need to have the right mindset and preparation to succeed. On Saturday, we will wrestle 3 dual meets at Bloomsburg University. We will wrestle East Stroudsburg University at 9am, Bloomsburg University at 10:45am and Sacred Heart University 12:30pm. The next day we will compete at the Penn State University Open. I hope the team has prepared properly and is able to compete with a great attitude and give their best effort.


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