Christmas Break

After final exams, I had the guys stick around in order to get in a few good workouts. Then, I let them go home for a week. I know this is a long break and it does make me nervous. Nevertheless, I am hopeful it was the correct decision. I know when I went to college; I loved traveling home when I had the opportunity. It helps to get a break from the grind and see family and friends back home. My hope is the guys will get recharged and fired up for the remainder of the season. I gave the guys a list of workouts to complete while at home and told them to journal the workouts. Because of the lay out of the season, this is a crucial training time. Most guys should be able to see substantial gains during the winter break. I also told them to contact me if they needed anything.

The team will return on December 29. Since we are not competing until January 5, we will be able to get in some great days of training as a team. I have also decided to have some wrestle offs at a few weight classes. My preference is for starting positions to be determined in Open competitions and in the practice room. I told the guys before they went home to let me know if they wanted a wrestle off. I said we could discuss it. Ultimately, I think it is a coaches’ decision on who should represent the team, but I am comfortable with guys pleading their case. There are a few weights where I believe guys are fairly even or where I believe a guy has earned the right to challenge the starter. Thus, we will hold a few wrestle offs before our next competition.

From a scheduling stand point, I do like the break from competition the guys had during finals week. I am a little concerned about not competing earlier. My guess is that it is just a habit. Most seasons I have been on teams that competed in late December at the Midlands, Southern Scuffle, or Oregon Classic. I will have to see how things go this year, but I suspect you will see George Mason at one of the above mentioned competitions or the Mat Town Invitational next December.


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