Drexel and Millersville Duals

We finished the weekend road trip with a 1-1 record. I really liked the pace at which some of the guys wrestled. They are starting to figure out what I expect out of them. I don’t expect them to win every match, but I do expect them to wrestle a hard pace. I want them to give me their best effort.

We need to have better first periods. I think some guys need to get in a better warm up. Other guys just need to believe more in their ability. They are doing a better job late in matches, but could certainly have more resolve in the first period. If a guy hits his best move on you and you stop the attack, it will help you as the match progresses. Our guys need to learn the value of having great defense. If a guy shoots, stop his shot and then try to score on him. We need to threaten a guy after he attacks us and make our opponent pay for having the audacity to think he can take us down. If we stop his shot and make him pay for taking the risk, it will help us in the mental game later in the match.

We went 3 for 3 in overtimes and scored the last point in several other matches this weekend. It is good to see our guys getting more comfortable late in matches. They have trained physically and mentally so the longer the match goes the better off they are. They are learning to function when they are tired. They are being told to speak positively about overtime. I want them saying, “I love overtime.” I want them believing the third period is their best period. When a wrestler can conquer their fear of fatigue, the wrestler becomes extremely dangerous.

Once again, I felt spoiled as we rolled down the highway in our luxury bus. The guys gained some wisdom from Patrick Swayze in the movie Road House. I am unsure what, if any, long term benefit they gained from the movie, but we did have a good laugh about the rules from Road House.

Thursday night we will have our final home meet. We wrestle Maryland at the RAC at 7:30pm. We hope to have a big crowd to honor our 5 seniors – Brian Benton, Denny Herndon, Hunter Manspile, Frankie McLaughlin, and Bagna Tovuujav. The dual is the night before the Virginia AAA state meet that will take place at nearby Robinson High School, so my hope is wrestling fans will come early to Fairfax and support GMU and Maryland. Our final dual of the year will be at Virginia on Sunday.


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