Navy Classic and First Home Dual

We competed back to back days again this weekend. I like the idea of competing in consecutive days because it simulates what the guys will face at the NCAA tournament. They will have to make weight and compete on consecutive days in March, so we had better be prepared. On the down side, it is very early in the season to have the guys make weight in consecutive days. I am sure it took a toll on them physically and mentally. My hope is the extra pain now will make them stronger physically and mentally later on in the season.

I thought, for the most part, the guys competed well at the Navy Classic. Like most competitions there was some good and some bad. The trick will be to have the entire team wrestling well on a more consistent basis and when it really counts. We did have 3 guys place on Saturday. Sahid Kargbo, Matt Meadows and Jake Kettler all placed 5th. We also had other guys win some matches.

On Sunday we came home and wrestled Washington and Lee University. The coaches at Washington and Lee are in their second year of running the program. From the look of how their guys competed, they are making positive gains. I was pleased we were able to win our first home meet of the year. We also had 3 guys pin their opponents, which was good to do for our home crowd.

We will continue to train hard and then take a few days off for Thanksgiving. My hope is the guys will enjoy time off for Thanksgiving, but also continue to grow as wrestlers, students, and people. Personally, I think it is a great time to get ahead in their studies. I hope they heed my advice and spend some extra time on course work. I also hope they take some time to heal nagging injuries and get refreshed mentally.

We will host a wrestling clinic on November 24 and hold a public practice. The clinic and public practice are good to promote the program and also put the guys in a more stressful environment. My hope is it will help them prepare for competitions. A couple of guys will miss the clinic, because they plan on competing unattached at the Mat Town Open. I am excited they have chosen to compete on their own.

I think the Pin Pool is working to help motivate guys to pin their opponents. I think we are ahead of last year’s total at this point in the season. We are already in double digits for pins.


2 thoughts on “Navy Classic and First Home Dual

  1. My family enjoyed the wrestling weekend, I really, really enjoyed it! Crazy wrestling Mom!! The team may not YET be penn state caliber but I am so impressed with the camaraderie of the young men and with the respect they show towards you and all of the coaches, and all of you towards them. Having 4 children and a moderate income, GMU is expensive. But it is worth very penny when we see the good grades Richie makes, the loyal friends, his responsibility to his fraternity, and in the last year his dedication to the wrestling team. He shared your life story at dinner last night and his admiration for you was clear, not only in his words but the look in his eyes. Thank you for being a great wrestling coach, Richie’s skills have greatly improved but more importantly, thank you for being an even greater role model, outside of wrestling, for him and all the boys, I know he is a better person because of the lessons you are teaching him. Thank you and a Blessed Thanksgiving to you and your family.

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