Late November Training

We did not schedule a Thanksgiving competition again this year. I hope the guys took advantage of the time off to spend time with family and friends. I also hope they were able to do lots of studying as final exams are just around the corner. The guys had a rare 3 day break from school and team practices. I know most trained while at home, but at least they did not have to listen to my voice for a few days.

We ran a clinic on Saturday. Our numbers were lower than last year, which was disappointing. Nevertheless, I think the wrestlers that showed up had a beneficial experience. They did receive lots of attention.

After the clinic, we held a public practice. I remember last year being disappointed in the energy level of the practice after the clinic. This year, the guys did much better. They wrestled at a harder pace. It was good to see the improvement.

The guys have been helping promote the program. The clinic is a fundraiser for the team, but it is also a good outreach. I know several guys attended high school practices over the break. We also had every guy on the team request businesses to hang up our team poster. I was proud to hear all the places they were able to get our team poster displayed. We purchased more posters as demand had been high. Hopefully, the investment will pay dividends.

Originally, I had scheduled us to compete as a team at the Penn State Open on December 2nd. I took it off the schedule when we were asked to attend the Grapple at the Garden. Nevertheless, I believe several guys will still compete at the Open, but they will go unattached. I am excited so many guys want to make the investment to get an extra competition.

The guys not going to the Open will have two weeks of training before our next home dual on December 8. I like that they will be able to have a concentrated period of training without the concerns of competing, traveling and making weight. If we do it right, we should be able to gain some ground.

We are having a few late night workouts to prepare for our 8pm dual on December 8 vs. Navy. I think it helps the guys mentally and physically to have some late night training sessions. If there are doubts they can compete when the sun goes down, the training will help squash the doubts. They will have been there before in their training.


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