American Dual

Our dual with American was disappointing. I left impressed by the resolve of the other team, not mine. I felt the other team found a way to win the tough positions. We did not. I spoke to the team afterward about finding more fight when competing. I have seen guys in competition who refuse to lose. I want Mason guys to have that attitude. I have seen guys wrestle as if their life depended on it. I want Mason guys to have more resolve.

How do you get it? I think one way is to believe you deserve to win. The easiest way I know to get this belief is to work at a rate that others can’t match. If you train harder, you believe you deserve to win. If you run more, lift more, drill more, wrestle more, and focus more, you believe you should win. Thus, when the match is on the line, you find a little extra to come out on top – whether it is physically or mentally. You refuse to concede, because you have invested more.

Guys need to visualize winning. Goals and dreams need to be higher. If they can see it in their mind, they can make it real on the mat. Too often, my guys doubt they can achieve greatness. The doubts cause them to fall short when things get tough in a match. We need to change that mindset.

When your competition believes they deserve to win, you have to meet them in your thinking. When your competition takes the bout as if their life depends on a good result, you had better be prepared to match their intensity.

For some competitors the pain of losing is so strong they will go to great lengths to avoid the pain. If negative motivation works for you, so be it. For me, I prefer positive motivation. Thus, being prepared to win and feeling the satisfaction of performing well as a result is what motivates me. We need to find more resolve, as a team, when competing.

The guys are off for a few days. I have given them a guideline for the break, but want them to individualize their training. I want them to improve during the time off. We will compete again on December 29, so we do have time to get better.

I changed the schedule this year so we competed more around final exams and closer to Christmas. I do believe it helped guys focus during exams and I suspect it will help them stay focused while they are at home. We will see.


One thought on “American Dual

  1. I couldn’t agree more with your thinking & philosophy! Sorry to hear of your teams recent performance but I firmly believe if your team will take on, believe in & live by their coaches ways they will find themselves experiences success individually as well as a team more times than less; not only in terms of wins but self satisfaction, gratification & as a teammate. I was fortunate to wrestle in program throughout high that was lead by a coach that believed in, lived by, instilled, drilled into us & accepted nothing less than all that you’ve mentioned. He was a successful coach by wins, loses & state titles (in my 4 years we won 2 Oregon State Titles, runners up once & a disappointing 5th one year). It wasn’t always easy, fun or comfortable “living” in this program but I can honestly tell you, your wrestlers & anyone else I became a better man, student, person, competitor, wrestler & also today I believe a better man, person, employer, husband, dad, etc. I didn’t appreciate it or realize it as much in those years but certainly do in my adult years. I’m now a 40 year old that daily draws from my experiences & those things I was fortunate enough to have a coach that instilled the values & ways you speak of. Your wrestlers are lucky to have you & your ways in their life! Happy Holidays to you & best of luck to you & your team the rest of the season coach!

    P.S. Thank you Bob Bergen & Eagle Point Wrestling!

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