Not sure what to say about our dual with Bloomsburg. We lost 39-0. For the most part, we did not put up the fight necessary to compete with a good college team. I was disappointed in our effort. It is unacceptable to have guys not give their best effort. They owe it to themselves, their team mates and to the program. Simply put, I expect excellence from the team in everything they do. It does not mean we will always win. It doesn’t mean we will ever win. What it does mean is I expect them to work hard to improve. It means I expect them to give me their best effort.

We have spoken to the team on numerous occasions on what is expected, how they should carry themselves, we have implored them to make changes. We have worked on technique, conditioning, strength, and the mental part of the game. It is incumbent upon them to improve, make changes, and grow. I don’t want my words to fall on deaf ears.

I know change is difficult. We all struggle to make the necessary changes. We don’t have much time left in the season. We better change soon.

I was disappointed that we did not send the seniors off on a better note. We were able to honor 4 of them and their parents on Sunday. Our Athletics Director presented the parents with flowers and gave the seniors a gift. There is nothing easy about college wrestling. These seniors will leave George Mason with their degree and a Division 1 wrestling experience. Their time at George Mason will serve them well in life.

Without reservation, I could recommend our 4 seniors to future employers. Jaaziah Bethea will get his degree this spring in Communications. He would like to be a sports broadcaster. Ty Knepp will get his degree in Health and Physical Education. He wants to be a teacher and a coach. Rich Lavorato will get his degree in Sports Management. He plans on working on a Master’s Degree. Drew Squires will get his degree this spring in Biology. He also plans on attending graduate school.

We will have another public test on Thursday at Old Dominion. I hope we attack this test with more zeal. I hope we are better prepared.


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