Let the fun begin. I am excited for the guys to compete at the CAA Tournament. We have completed our training (the hay is in the barn; the money is in the bank…). Now we must wait for the competition. I am hopeful the guys go into the competition as rested, healthy and fired up as possible. Watching the guys train, I feel great. I believe they are wrestling their best. You cannot ask for much more this time of year.

Our non-starters have been doing well. Last weekend we had 13 of them compete at the National Collegiate Open. I was pleased to have so many of them compete. They had to go on their own, so it is a testament to their dedication. Our results were not good. My hope is the guys use the bad results as motivation to improve their skills. I believe they will improve as a result of competing at the tournament and by working on areas they struggled with at the competition. We did have one guy place, Ryan Forrest. This is the 2nd tournament he has placed at this winter. Ryan is red-shirting. I am excited to have him off red-shirt next fall.

We will depart for the CAA tournament on Thursday Evening. The tournament is in Boston. I have never been to Boston University. I am excited to see another campus that sponsors Division 1 wrestling. This will be our first trip of the season where we will fly. I am still amazed at how close we are to so many schools living in Northern Virginia. The tournament will take place on Saturday, March 9. Hopefully when the tournament is over we will be planning our next trip via airplane as we book our tickets to the NCAA Tournament in Des Moines, IA.


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