Jim Lehrer

Thanks to Matt Stull for inviting his Great Uncle Jim Lehrer to speak on campus. The event went great. Jim Lehrer was very entertaining. He shared some great stories and insight. Many good things happened as a result of the event. Our wrestling program made a step forward by aligning ourselves with the academic side of campus. The event was free to the public. People only had to RSVP. Too many people requested seats, so they stopped taking reservations. The President, Provost, College Dean and other administrators were in attendance. It was a good day.

We have also been receiving donations from the people who joined the Mason Pinners Club. Year number one was a success. The guys enjoyed trying to get pins a little bit more thanks to the generosity of the Mason Pinners Club members. This year’s Mason Pinners Club donors were: Dan and Patty Wotring, Kirk Volm, James Baillie, Joe Corbin, Bob and Debbie Flournoy, Ron and Lori Hembury, Ronald and Trish Hembury, William and Christine Hembury, Steve and Carol Kettler, Rob Koll, Chuck and Diane Moore, Pat and Janet Smith, Tom Carr, Sr., Greg Scott, Stephanie Scott, Paul Bowden, Tom Carr, John Delgado, Damion Hahn, Tommy Owen, Terry Willie, Bob Fredrick, Aaron Anderson and Dave Marble. Thanks to all of you for helping build George Mason Wrestling.

The team has been working hard this spring. They are running and lifting 4 days a week. We are also doing some individual skill instruction. Most of the guys have also joined our Olympic Regional Training Center. We run 4 days of Freestyle and Greco-Roman Practice for our RTC. We will have 6 guys compete next week at the 20 and under nationals in Las Vegas. We will have 2 other guys compete at the US Open. They will all wrestle for the Patriot Elite RTC.

We will complete our spring training cycle on May 3. We will have our team banquet on May 5. Then, the guys will be on their own until finals end on May 15. When finals are done, we hope to take most, if not all, of the team to the University Freestyle and Greco-Roman Nationals held at the University of Akron on May 23-26. Success comes with preparation. We are preparing.


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