We held our wrestling banquet on Sunday. It was definitely a step up from the previous year. Thanks to the Squires family, the team and staff meals were covered. Every member of the team received a plague. My hope is this memento will be something they can hang up with pride. There is nothing easy about being a division one athlete. These guys have done something special.

We also presented some individual awards. Logan Ritchie and Zach Isenhour received awards for their performance in the class room. I am proud of the success they are having academically. This success will serve them well long after their wrestling careers have ended.

We gave out a new award this year. We gave out the most dedicated wrestler award. We named the award after Paul Maltagliati. Paul was our first NCAA Division 1 qualifier. He stayed connected and involved with the program until his death last summer. Paul is certainly missed, but his presence is still felt. Derek Dwyer and Corey Smith received the award. Both earned the award through their effort and attitude.

Lastly, we honored our outstanding wrestlers. Sahid Kargbo won our freshman most outstanding wrestler award. Jake Kettler won our most outstanding wrestler award. Both wrestlers had winning records this year and stood out amongst their peers on the practice and competition mats. We are lucky to have both of them in the room for a few more years. Their futures are bright.

Our 4 seniors all spoke to the attendees. Jaaziah Bethea, Ty Knepp, Rich Lavorato, and Drew Squires are all on track to graduate this spring. Their leadership will be missed. I wish them all great success and hope to see and hear from them often.

Our camp dates have finally been approved so we are starting to advertise them. We will be doing commuter only camps this year, but hope to have residence camps again next year. We are doing 4 different types of camps. We will start out with a 2 day Greco-Roman Camp on June 16-17. We will do a 2 day Freestyle Camp on June 18-19. Both of these camps should help prepare competitors for the kids, cadet, and junior nationals later in the summer. We will host 2 – 5 day folk style technique camps. The dates are June 24-28 and July 22-26. Lastly, we will host a father/son camp on July 26-27. To learn more about the camp specifics, you can go to to see a brochure and to register.

Finally, I want everyone to know we have chosen and been accepted into a new conference. It is good to have a home. I am excited. An official announcement will be made on Monday. In the meantime, feel free to contact me if you want the inside scoop.


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