48th Annual NWCA All-Star Classic

Saturday night, November 2, 2013 was a program changing night for George Mason University Wrestling. We hosted a weekend of wrestling events that culminated in a great showcase for our sport and program. I am so humbled and thankful to all of the people who stepped up to make this event a success. I have tried to count the number of people who volunteered their time for us to make this happen. I haven’t been able to get an exact number, but it is safe to say it is more than 150. I am amazed by the support people gave George Mason University Wrestling.

The competitors did a great job. We had 6 overtime matches. Thus, we had lots of drama. I was pleased we could show case and celebrate Olympic Wrestling. I was pleased Sahid Kargbo pinned his opponent (pretty cool that the only pin of the evening was by a George Mason Patriot).

I have received lots of phone calls, emails and in person praise for the event. Fans loved the George Mason University Pep Band. Fans loved the George Mason Campus. Fans loved the Mason Inn. Fans loved the Patriot Center. I think George Mason University made some positive gains as a result of the event.

I was pleased with the current George Mason Wrestlers. They worked very hard to help make the event a success. The wrestlers did the jobs no one else would do from moving the biggest mat I have ever seen moved, to helping out at the clinic, to selling programs… They did it all and they did it well.

A highlight for me was attending the alumni social at the Mason Inn. It was great seeing Mason Men having fun, reconnecting, and having pride in their program. The former coaches and athletes were the key builders of the program. We are indebted to them.


2 thoughts on “48th Annual NWCA All-Star Classic

  1. My son, wife and I had a great time at the event. This was the first “national” wrestling event I have attended and it was amazing to see top wrestlers in person that I’ve watch online and on tv. I couldn’t help but chuckle when I saw the youth wrestlers crowding around their heros to get autographs, especially Cael Sanderson. He had two wrestlers with matches back to back and you could tell he was looking to get back to the second wrestler after the first match but he stayed and signed dozens of autographs right up until the match started.

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