Open Competitions

We had 10 guys choose to wrestle in Open competitions this weekend. I am proud of their commitment. The guys won lots of matches. I heard they wrestled hard, which is very important to this team. They are obligated to give their best effort for the entire match. They can control their attitude and effort. Sometimes, the win or loss is out of their hands.

Records this weekend:
Blake Roulo 4-1 (finished 2nd place at Pembroke Classic)
Luke Ludke 4-2
Ryan Hunsberger 3-2
Seth Robertson 2-2
Bill Prochniewski 1-2
Ibrahim Bunduka 1-2
Jake Kettler 1-2
Ryan Hembury 1-2
Shohei Takagi 1-2
Derek Dwyer 0-2

Belief is so important in this sport. It is a stumbling block for so many. I think we are finally getting guys to believe they can compete against the best in college wrestling. We will be tested. We will have ups and downs. Nevertheless, it is important you walk on the mat believing you are prepared to win. Through our training, competition, and life style, we are getting guys to buy in and believe. I am excited for them to see what a difference it will make when they compete.

I did not go to the Open competitions this weekend. I stayed home to celebrate my son’s 3rd birthday. Because he has a November birthday, it is hard for me to be home on his birthday. I am happy I could be home with him this weekend. As a coach, you are often away from family. There is a strong pull to be away from home. Family is important and should be placed ahead of work, but often it is not. I want the guys on the team to take care of their relationships. I need to do the same. Happy Birthday, Taft John Russell.


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