Wolfpack Open

We had 19 guys compete unattached this weekend at the Wolfpack Open. I was pleased so many guys chose to go on their own to compete. They had to find their own way down to North Carolina State University. They had to pay on their own. They had to coach each other. I think it shows we are headed in a positive direction when 30 guys, over the past 2 weekends, attended opens. Good job team and team captains. It sounds as though we all owe a big thank you to Luke Ludke’s Mom as well. I think she spoiled the guys with her hospitality.

It was very emotional for me to watch Vince Rodriguez compete this weekend. He red shirted last year and had to deal with some adversity. He has a great perspective on wrestling. His mindset is going to make him tough to beat. Vince won the tournament. I am excited to watch him compete this season.

I was also pleased to see a few guys win their first college matches. We had several freshmen compete. We also had a few older guys get their first college win. I was happy for those guys.

Wrestling is a physically brutal sport. You get pushed in many areas trying to win a match. Even as physical as it is, the sport is even more a mental battle. We struggled mentally this weekend. Guys need to wrestle with greater confidence. Guys need to wrestle with greater resolve. Too often, we yielded in situations instead of pushing forward. You have to compete as hard as you can for the entire match. When you do this, good things happen. When you don’t, bad things happen.

We will compete in our first dual meets this weekend. On Saturday, some of the team will attend the Navy Classic. Others will dual at Washington and Lee. On Sunday we will compete in a quad dual against Anderson, Ohio State and Davidson. Talking to the Davidson coach this weekend at the Wolfpack Open, it sounds like they are doing a great job promoting the event. He is confident they will set an attendance record. I was happy to hear he is getting greater support from his administration for the Davidson Wrestling program.


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