W&L and Davidson

The 1936 NCAA Wrestling Tournament was held in Lexington, VA at Washington and Lee University. We were able to wrestle in the same gym that hosted the 1936 Championship. Oklahoma won the Team title and Wayne Martin of OU was voted the Outstanding Wrestler of the 1936 Championships. The gym was very small. Smaller than most grade school gyms. There were no bleachers. I loved being in the historic gym. I also love how much the NCAA Championships have grown. We were able to post our first shut out win since I have been the head coach at George Mason. In order to avoid forfeits, we did some creative match ups. Guys wrestled guys who weighed about the same; we just put them in matches at very different weight classes than either of them weighed. I enjoyed our stop in Lexington, VA.

The next day we wrestled in a quad dual at Davidson College. We wrestled Anderson University first. We won the dual, but did have some guys struggle in their matches. We won 7 of 10 individual matches. In our second dual, we were defeated by Ohio State University. We won 2 of 10 matches. I was encouraged by some of the effort. The two guys who won (Flournoy and Hembury) did a good job as did some of the others. Nevertheless, we need to be more competitive overall. In our Final dual we beat Davidson College. We won 6 of 10 individual matches. Davidson College will be joining the Atlantic 10 next year. I believe they will stay in the Southern Conference for wrestling, since the Atlantic 10 doesn’t sponsor wrestling. Nevertheless, I hope we can start a trophy dual with Davidson as we will now have two wrestling schools in the Atlantic 10. We should come up with a good name for the trophy and wrestle for it each season. Three suggestions – The Atlantic Championship, The Border Battle Belt, Who’s #1 in the Atlantic 10. Any suggestions?

We will compete at the 11th Annual North East Duals on Saturday. The event was started with the hope of bringing collegiate wrestling back to the Albany, NY area. Frank Popolizio has turned it into one of the premier dual meet events in the country. On Sunday, we will compete at the Grapple at the Garden. Last year, to a man, the dual will wrestled in Madison Square Garden was one of the highlights of the year. I am excited we received another invitation. We will wrestle 5 duals this weekend – 3 at the North East Duals and 2 at the Grapple at the Garden. It will be a grueling week, but one where we can make some big gains.


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