Dual vs. American University

We lost to American 26-10.  I was hopeful the result would be better.  I guess we got what we deserved.  We need to continue to make progress and find a way to win.  After the dual I spoke to the team about trying to have a greater sense of urgency or hustle when they compete.  Often they hold back instead of believing they can get the job done.  I spoke mostly about doing the little things right day in and day out.  I believe this will make the difference.  If you are lacking in experience or talent, you can make up some ground by doing all the little things right.  We struggle in this area.  I spoke to the team about wanting to win every second of every day.  If they have this desire, this attitude, they will make the right decisions to get where they want to go.  It is easy to want to win when the lights are bright and you step on the competition mat.  The key is to have that same desire when you are sitting in your dorm room deciding to study or play video games.  The key is to have that same desire when you are deciding to get out of bed and workout or push the snooze button.  The key is to have the same desire when you are working out.  Do you go through the motions or do you try to give your best effort?  The key is to have the same desire when choosing to eat a meal for pleasure or for the nutrition it will put in your body… We need to want to win every second of every day.

We struggled in a few areas.  We only scored takedowns in 3 bouts.  Guys had trouble finding a way to score.  You need a go to move that you can score on anyone when you have to score.  We did not have that move.

I spoke to one of the guys about how to close the gap on a guy that keeps lots of space and retreats when you get close.  5 ideas I shared were: 1. Grab a wrist and then work up his arm until you can get the tie up you like. 2. Cut the ring so the guy can’t get his butt to the center.  If he wants to back up, back him out-of-bounds.  Don’t let him back up, circle, and then back up again.  3. If he backs up, sometimes don’t follow.  It makes him look real passive and it will force him to make a step forward. 4. Blast shot.  Take a shot, not to score but only to safely close the gap so you can get to a tie up position.  5. Take a shot or half-shot to close the gap.  Then, keep your feet set for your real attempt – a second shot.

I spoke to another wrestler about the exact opposite.  If a guy is coming forward and you are backing up.  I told him to hold his ground. 1. Fight for better position.  It is hard for a guy to back you up if you have inside ties.  It is hard for a guy to back you up if you have an under hook.  Vice Versa – it is easier to push if you have inside ties or under hooks. 2. I said his footwork was to deliberate and steps to big.  He needed to shorten up his steps and to pound his feet with more force so he could hold his ground better.  3. I also told him to use the guys forward motion as a time to snap, drag, shuck, pop, pummel, push, chop, block.  When doing these motions, move his feet so the guy pushes air and not his body.  Treat the opponent as a bull.  Get out of his way and guide him past.  4. Lower his level.  If you are lower than your opponent it is harder for him to move you backwards.  5. Level change and shoot.  When the guy pushes and steps forward, disappear by changing your level.  Make a big level change, and then explode forward with a shot.


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