Gardner-Webb Dual

We lost to Gardner-Webb University 6 matches to 4.  I felt going into the dual, if we wrestled well, we could win.  In the end, we came up short.  I was frustrated by the result and some of the things I saw from the sidelines.

I struggled after the dual with the desire to make the disappointment about me.  It should not be about me, but as the head coach, it is hard not to make it about you.  I felt frustrated by the performance and how it reflected upon my leadership.  It’s a struggle to lead and at the same time be grounded enough to know it is not about me.

I spoke to the team after ward about my disappointment in our performance.  I felt we wrestled fearfully in some matches.  The two biggest fears I saw us struggling with were the fear of failure and the fear of fatigue.  If these fears control you, it is difficult to win.

As hard as these guys work, fatigue should be something they embrace.  The more tired they get in a match the better.  We train so guys get tired during practice.  I figure they will not fear fatigue if they face it often enough in training.  I want them to be comfortable being uncomfortable.  For some, the doubts still control them in competition.  It is normal to fear fatigue.  We just need to get better at facing the fear.

Some guys also wrestled fearful of failure.  I want them to wrestle brave.  I want them to embrace the challenge, love the challenge.  It is difficult to do, but at the same time it is freeing to be able to compete to score points as opposed to trying not to lose.  To be successful, they will need to take risks.  They will fail sometimes as a result, but that is alright because they will also succeed.  The quote I think that hits home is “Show me a man who has never failed, and I’ll see a man who has never attempted anything.”  There are great stories of successful people who have failed over and over, but did not give up until they succeeded.  We need to find out what is holding guys back and try and help them overcome the obstacles.


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