Franklin & Marshall Dual

I have been thinking about the Proverb that states, “Wisdom is of utmost importance, therefore get wisdom, and with all your effort work to acquire understanding.” I am not sure this was written with wrestling in mind, but it surely fits. A wrestler puts in long hours of training and competes many times a year. The training and competition help teach many lessons. We need to learn from our training and competition to grow as wrestlers, competitors and men.

Saturday was a good day for George Mason Wrestling. We had guys compete at an Open, we won a home dual and were able to honor our alums.

4 guys competed at the Appalachian State Open. Blake Roulo finished 2nd, Ryan Hunsberger finished 3rd and Patrick Davis and Bryce Gentry finished 2-2. From what I heard it was a worthwhile experience for them. I am glad they chose to go.

We also had a dual meet against Franklin & Marshall College. Overall I was pleased with our attitude and effort. In fact, I felt it was our best team effort of the year. Guys were working to score points in their matches. Their energy level was high. It was good to see the team making gains physically and more importantly, mentally. Three of the guys who won scored bonus points for the team – Zach Martinez (major); Shohei Takagi (tech-fall) and Jake Kettler (fall).

We had an alumni reception before the match and honored the 1974 undefeated conference championship team at half-time. It was great having 10 of the team members from 1974 at the meet. I know they inspired the team to wrestle a little bit harder. Because of the legacy set by those who came before, the current team is able to compete at the NCAA D1 level. We owe them more than a thank you.

I have admitted to my staff and team that I made some major scheduling errors this year. I guess it is best to fess up publicly as well. One of the mistakes I made was with scheduling Bucknell. I dropped the ball, and when I realized I had, we were very limited in how we could make the dual meet work. Bucknell could only dual us if they came to GMU on Sunday, February 2. They had already committed to a dual at UVA in the afternoon and they could catch us in the evening on their way back home. This was doable for us, so I scheduled the dual meet with them to start at 7pm on Sunday, February 2. Later I realized our start time coincided with the start time of a small event called the Superbowl. I figured if I didn’t want a mutiny on my hands I had better change the time. The only thing that seemed to work for us was a 9am Sunday start time (My bad, Oops). Next year, Tommy will be in charge of scheduling. Hopefully a few brave souls will venture out Sunday morning to watch the guys compete against Bucknell University.


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