Mayland Dual

The regular season is over. Now the fun part of the season is upon us. I am excited to watch the guys compete at the EWL Championships on March 8. We will need to wrestle well to get guys qualified for the NCAA tournament. I am also excited to watch the non-starters compete on Sunday, March 2 at the National Collegiate Open.

We lost our final dual of the season to Maryland. I was pleased with our attitude and effort, but disappointed in some of the outcomes. Since we can’t always control the wins or losses, it was good seeing guys control the things they could. We had our largest crowd of the year. I know this helped our team’s energy level. Thanks to all who attended the dual.

We did not compete over the weekend and the starters will not compete next week. We will use this time to improve. We can still get stronger, better technically and in better condition. We will also use this time to rest mentally and physically. The college wrestling season is a grind. Until someone has gone thru a season, it is hard to understand the toll it takes on you physically and mentally. Fortunately, our guys have a pretty good handle on things, so we are prepared to finish well. I am excited.


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