Thanksgiving Break

T ’was the week before finals and my hope is all are prepared. The team will have flexible training sessions over the next few weeks. They need to finish well in school. They will train when they can, depending on their studies. We speak frequently about academics. I hope my pleas haven’t fallen on deaf ears. Like most things in life, we will find out soon who has been doing the little things right and who has not. Who has been attending class? Who has been doing the required work? Who has been paying attention? Who has been putting in the work outside the classroom? My hope is the guys finish well.

Since the guys competed at the Navy Classic, we had 2 – 3 day training cycles. I have been pleased with the attitude and effort. I have also enjoyed the response I have seen from the team towards the coaches. The guys are learning and growing. We also let the guys go home for 3 days for Thanksgiving. My hope is the brief time at home helped rejuvenate the team. The guys who did not get to go home did get the chance for a little mental break, which should help them as well.

We hosted a clinic on the Saturday after Thanksgiving to help raise money for the wrestling program. The entire team helped. Although our turnout of participants was small, those that attended received lots of attention. We had about a 1 to 1.5 ratio of staff to participant. I received several good reviews from those in attendance. The participants even had the opportunity to get autographed posters and schedule cards.

After the clinic, we had a public practice. I like having public practices because it naturally raises the level of intensity. When others are watching it is easier to keep your head up on bottom. It is easier to wrestle at a high pace.

We compete this Saturday night December 6 at Franklin and Marshall. I know the guys are anxious to compete after having more than a week off from competition. We did not wrestle as well as we can at the Navy Classic. Guys need to be more aggressive. They need to have a sense of urgency when they compete. As a wrestler, you train numerous hours with little reward. The work is hard and often painful. Guys need to see their time to compete as their time to show off. They need to see it as their opportunity to show others the hard work they have endured. I want them also to be bummed they only get to wrestle for 7 minutes. They train to wrestle many more minutes, but the rules only allow for a 7 minute match. Thus, wrestle aggressively for the limited time allowed. Enjoy the opportunity. Enjoy the fight. Having the right mindset, when competing, makes a substantial difference in the outcome.

After our dual with F&M, we will have individualized training during exams. Guys will come and go as they need. Since we compete on December 21 at the Grapple at the Garden, I know guys will be focused on making right choices. The past two seasons we have gone to the Grapple at the Garden. To a man, the guys have found the trip to be one of their highlights of the year. It is a fun atmosphere for them.

This year we purchased 50 tickets for the event. My hope is we will be able to resale these tickets to George Mason Wrestling fans. It would be great to have our own cheering section in Madison Square Garden. Plus, I need to sale them so I don’t get in too much trouble for spending the money from our budget for the event. If you are interested in sitting in the George Mason section, you can purchase tickets thru the George Mason Athletics Ticket office. You may do so on the phone, in person at the George Mason ticket office, or online.

The ticket office contact information is:
George Mason Athletic Ticket Office
Field House
4400 University Drive, MS 3A5
Fairfax, VA 22030
Phone: 703-993-3270
Fax: 703-993-8578

More information is available at at the following page:


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