Cleveland State University

We won our 5th dual of the year on Saturday by winning 6 of the 10 matches against Cleveland State. In the 4 matches we lost, we did not give up any bonus points. Patrick Davis scored the only bonus point of the dual by winning by a major decision. Getting and not giving up bonus points are important in team competitions.

Vince Rodriguez did a great job getting the fans out of their seats and firing up his teammates by scoring a takedown and near fall with a few seconds left in his bout to win. Vince had lost to the Cleveland State wrestler on two previous occasions. I was pleased he found a way to win.

Sahid Kargbo and Konbeh Koroma followed Vince’s lead and won their respective matches. Both were able to put their opponents on their back as well. I was pleased we scored back points in 5 bouts. Guys took risks to score back points. Now we need to learn to finish with a fall instead of settling for the near fall.

Patrick Davis nearly pinned his opponent with a cradle and racked up 18 points. Ryan Forrest moved up a weight class and secured a 7-4 decision. I was pleased with his fight in the match. He did a good job of working for 7 minutes.

We have emphasized the importance of riding to our team. Matt Meadows won his bout 2-1 by picking up a riding time point in the 3rd period. Some of our wins weren’t pretty, but I was pleased guys found a way to win.

For highlights of the match go to:

At half-time, we honored our 3 scholarship endowment donors – The Frogale Family, Dan and Patty Wotring and the Patriot Elite Wrestling Club. We are fortunate to have them on our side.

On Sunday morning, we met bright and early as a team to do some volunteer work at the Central Union Mission in DC. We worked at their Men’s shelter. I think they appreciated having over 30 volunteers to do some of their grunt work. My hope is it was a positive experience for our team as well.

We are participating in the Best of Brand competition this week. We posted a video on our twitter account. If you tweet, please retweet it. The team with the most retweets will win. @gmuwrestling #BestofBrandThrowdown.

We will be on the road this upcoming weekend as we face Bucknell, Sacred Heart and Clarion.


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