Binghamton and Bloomsburg

We competed two times this weekend. We were fortunate to have two team wins. I have enjoyed watching the team develop this season. They are figuring out how to be successful in D1 wrestling. Guys wrestled a great pace and showed toughness this weekend.

We are still forfeiting 125. Ibrahim Bunduka should be back soon. Robert Dooley will also be available this weekend as he now qualifies for 125 as part of his weight loss decent plan. It will help our team having a guy available for that weight class.

As we get IB back, Matt Meadows will need to miss some time. He has been competing with an injury that has limited his wrestling. It is time to address the issue so he can compete closer to full strength. Matt has sacrificed for his team, now his teammates will need to sacrifice for him. Hopefully Matt will be back in the line-up soon. The plan is to have Derek Dwyer step in for Matt during his absence.

Vince Rodriguez, Sahid Kargbo, Greg Flournoy, Patrick Davis, and Ryan Forrest all went 2-0 this weekend. As a group, I enjoyed watching them compete. They were aggressive and dominant. Blake Roulo scored a major decision for the team on Friday night. Jake Kettler and Ryan Hembury both finished 1-1 for the weekend. Both posted victories against their Bloomsburg opponents.

I am happy to report we added 2 pins to the pin club this weekend. Sahid Kargbo and Jake Kettler recorded falls against Bloomsburg. A big thank you to our pin club members for supporting the program: Kevin McGuigan, Tim Carlton, Connie Meadows, Joseph Calvano, Bob Flournoy, Joe Pruitt, Steve Kettler, Andy Mika, Tom Carr, David Marble, Shohei Takagi, Mark Weader, Kyle Walmsey, Bill Cameron, Scott Graff, Toni Maltagliati, Stephanie Scott, Diane Moore, Blaine Underwood, Ron Hembury, Squires Family, Bryan Hazard, Logan Ritchie, Rob Koll, Cheryl and Andy Thomas, Nicole Peters, Seth Robertson, Kevin Heilbronner, Louis Mendez, James Baillie, Ray Wotring, and George Reese. You are making a difference.

We will be on the road this weekend at Lehigh. We are participating in the National Duals this year. If we win at Lehigh we will qualify for the quarter final round Saturday, February 21 in Iowa City, IA. Some might be perplexed by the timing since we have duals scheduled on Saturday, February 21 against Northwestern and American. Before finalizing the schedule, Northwestern and American knew of the potential conflict. American has the same potential conflict. It would be a good problem to have.

We will be the first dual of the 16 team tournament. I am excited to have our team lead off the new formatted National Dual tournament. I believe the format is a good idea. The 16 teams participating in the tournament this year will hopefully show a good product that can be improved upon. We also hope to add exposure for college wrestling and make money for college wrestling programs. Let’s hope things go well.


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