GCU, Northwestern and American

We had 3 competitions this week.

On Thursday, we won a dual against Grand Canyon University. Grand Canyon only competed against us at 6 weight classes. They let us know ahead of time, which I appreciated. We were able to make some adjustments as a result. All 5 seniors were able to represent the team at the dual. We were also able to give a few guys the night off from making weight.

At 141, Senior Zach Isenhour received a forfeit. Zach will be graduating this spring with a double major degree in Government & International Politics and Conflict Analysis & Resolution.

At 149, Senior Ryan Hunsberger won his match. Ryan will graduate this spring in Health Promotion. He plans to go to graduate school.

At 184, Senior Ryan Hembury won his match in overtime. Ryan will graduate this spring with a degree in Health and Physical Education. He plans on teaching.

At 197, Senior Derek Dwyer received a forfeit. Derek will graduate this spring with a degree in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry. He plans on going to graduate school.

At Heavyweight, Senior Jake Kettler lost his match. Jake will graduate this spring in Organizational Administration. Jake plans on training Greco-Roman through 2016 and eventually would like to coach.

The other 3 contested matches were won by Greg Flournoy, Patrick Davis and Ryan Forrest. Despite only having 6 matches, it was a good event. We had a large crowd and I think they enjoyed the event. Our t-shirt toss went over much better than the last time we tried it.

We had 2 duals on Saturday. Unfortunately, due to weather, our dual with Northwestern was moved from Robinson High School. We ended up having the dual at the RAC and at a different time. I was certainly bummed to lose the opportunity to have the dual at Robinson. I was excited about the exposure we would have gotten by having the dual in the same venue as the state tournament. I hope to make it happen in the future.

Northwestern forfeited 2 weight classes to us. We lost all of the matches contested. I was frustrated we did not win any matches but did feel the guys gave good effort. We lost the small battles which ultimately cost us wins.

After the dual, we went to eat and then headed to American University for our last dual of the season. Due to the snow, we traveled by bus instead of vans. I remember thinking as we trudged through the slow moving traffic that I was thankful I could relax and let someone else drive.

We lost our dual to American. There was lots of “woulda, coulda, shoulda,” thoughts in my mind as we journeyed back to campus. We won 4 individual matches and lost the other 6. If we would have found a way to win any of the matches we lost, we would have won the dual and finished the season with a .500 team record. We certainly had opportunities, but ultimately feel short.

When we arrived back at campus, we talked about the season and the progress we have made. I talked to the guys about using the next two weeks to get better physically and mentally. We have lost many close matches this year. If we do it right, we can turn some of those matches around. We have potential at all 10 weight classes to win matches at the EWL Tournament. My hope is we will prepare well and give ourselves the opportunity to qualify multiple guys for the NCAA Tournament.


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