Preseason 2015

We are well underway in our preseason training. I am pleased with the attitude and effort of the team. As a whole, they are figuring out what it takes to be a successful Division 1 wrestler. Lifestyle is important as the margin for error is much less than when they were in high school. They need to train with intensity and frequency, but also take care of business in the classroom and in their personal life. The Mason Way is not easy, but if done right, it will give them the best odds for success.

One of the difficult things associated with being a head coach, with a roster cap, is making the necessary cuts to get to the allotted roster. After lots of discussion, thought, prayer and lost sleep, I have set the roster for the 2015-16 season. We certainly had guys not make the team that I hope continue to pursue the great things wrestling has to offer. My guess is many will.

The Patriot Elite Wrestling Club hosted the 4th Annual Paul Maltagliati Memorial Golf Tournament last week. Tyler Corey did a great job running the event. I certainly appreciate his leadership and effort. Our board members rallied to help make it our best fundraiser to date. We are fortunate to have the PEWC supporting Mason Wrestling. Thanks to all who supported the golf tournament. We are grateful.

Next month, we will host a coaches’ clinic (October 23) and a wrestling clinic (October 24). I am pleased that the Head Wrestling Coach for the United States Air Force Academy Sam Barber has agreed to be our headliner for both clinics. For more information about the clinics you can go online to or contact me directly at

Go Patriots.


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