Thank you to all who supported and attended our coaches’ clinic and wrestling clinic.

I was disappointed in the turn out for the coaches’ clinic. We need to find a way to connect better with the local coaches. I do believe the coaches who attended had a good experience. The coaches were able to watch a practice, see three different clinicians, and take part in a social where we were able to mingle and learn from each other. Sam Barber represented the US Air Force Academy well. I know the coaches in attendance made some positive gains. I am indebted to Sam for taking time away from his family to headline the clinic. His donation to the Patriot Elite Wrestling Club and George Mason University was greatly appreciated.

I was pleased the team performed well at the practice for the coaches. They did our team drill, wrestled several short periods, and finished with some calisthenics. After the guys showered and ate a quick meal, all of them returned to watch the clinic. I am confident they got 1% better. It was a good day.

The morning after the coaches’ clinic we hosted a wrestling clinic. I believe we had more than 50 participants on the mat and even more just to watch the event. I was pleased with the turnout and the clinic. Sam Barber led the clinic and was assisted by the entire George Mason University Wrestling Team. Thus, the participants got lots of attention. I was pleased watching the interaction between those who attended the clinic and the George Mason University wrestlers. It was good for our program and for the development of Northern Virginia wrestling.

After the clinic, the George Mason wrestlers competed against each other in some practice matches. It was a good simulation. In all, there were 30 matches contested. My hope is the competition, in front of a crowd, sped up their growth as college wrestlers. Now is good time for self-review. Guys need to earn the right to win and never fear the responsibility that comes with it. Once again, I felt progress was made. Thus, overall it was a good weekend.

Many of the guys have been taking midterms. They are getting opportunities to gauge their progress in the classroom as well as on the mat. One of the keys for being a successful student-athlete is time management. College careers have been made and lost due to time management skills. With the season about to start, the demands of making weight and added practice time, the guys are being challenged in the area of time management. They need to have a plan and stick to it. Accomplish what needs accomplished and steer from distractions. My hope is they are making the right choices to be successful.


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