East Stroudsburg Open

We had three guys compete unattached in the East Stroudsburg Open on Sunday. All of them won matches. Ryan Renkey finished 1-2, Gary Miltenberger finished 2-2 (including two wins by pin) and Bill Prochniewski finished 4th in his weight class with a 3-2 record. My hope is all three of them got better as a result of the competition.

The rest of the team was able to put in a six day training cycle. The guys wrestled long goes, short goes and spent lots of time working on technique. I am sure the sessions wore on them mentally. Nevertheless, hopefully the training cycle made them better prepared and excited to compete.

We will open our season on Saturday at the Navy Classic. Last year, the tournament was a tough test for our guys. I believe the guys are prepared for the challenge ahead of them.

This weekend was great for college wrestling. Some highlights were: the East Stroudsburg Open celebrated its 49th year; several teams competed in a packed arena for the Northeast Duals; Virginia Tech set a home attendance record for their dual versus Penn State; and college wrestling has a new attendance record as Oklahoma State and Iowa wrestled in front of more than 42,000 fans. College wrestling put out a message of growth and strength this weekend. I am proud George Mason University offers college wrestling. George Mason University wrestling is stronger today because of the successes of our counterparts. The bar has been raised. We need to raise our level as well.


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