December update

I believe the wakeup call last week was answered. Guys have done some self-review. I asked everyone to ponder the following questions: What is holding you back from greatness; why do you wrestle; what is your purpose? The guys need to find the answers for themselves. When they find the answer they will have a better idea of how to get the desired results.

I reiterated to the team that I believe in them. I believe the program plan is one that will work. They need to believe in their abilities and believe in the system. If they truly believe, they will see the positive results. I asked them to wrestle with courage and to embrace the endeavor. Love the process. Love the fight.

I also emphasized how important each person is to the team. Each individual’s actions affect the team – positively and negatively. Teamwork builds courage. We can lift each other to greatness. I asked them to find a reason to do what is right for themselves and for their teammates.

Because we did not compete this weekend, we were able to complete a six day training cycle. I believe the team made gains physically and mentally. The guys were also able to spend extra time studying as they near the completion of the fall semester. They studied as a team and on their own.

Our first home competition will take place on Sunday, December 13. It will be kind of a unique day of competition. We will have four teams here to compete. At 1030am North Carolina State University will wrestle Grand Canyon University. This will be the only competition for North Carolina State University for the day. North Carolina State University knocked off Oklahoma State University on Sunday. They are off to a great start for the season, currently they are 9-0. Then at Noon, George Mason University will wrestle Clarion University. This will be our first conference dual of the year. Currently Clarion is 2-1 in Conference duals this season. At 130pm, Clarion University and Grand Canyon University will wrestle. We will finish the day by wrestling Grand Canyon at 3pm. All of the start times are dependent on when the earlier scheduled dual ends. We will have about a 10 minute break after each dual meet. It should be an exciting day for wrestling fans. I hope to see you at the RAC on the George Mason University Fairfax campus.


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