Atlantic 10 Dual Meet Championship

On Monday night, we tried to turn our dual meet against Davidson College into a big event. For the most part, I believe it was a success. We wrestled for the mythical Atlantic 10 Dual Meet Championship. I am thankful Davidson College agreed to the event. I believe it can help both programs grow. I was thankful to have the support of so many in the athletic department including several student athletes from various teams who attended the dual. I was thankful the Dance Team attended the event and performed during half-time. The crowd was vocal and supportive of the wrestlers.Their energy helped the team perform at a higher level.

I was pleased by the teams pace and energy level. It was our best overall output of the season. Ibrahim Bunduka started the team off with a fall. He scored lots of points in the bout and did a good job of securing the pin. After Vince Rodriguez received a forfeit, Tejon Anthony did a great job of keeping the momentum going by scoring enough points to secure a tech fall. Tejon is having a great start to his wrestling career. Konbeh Koroma lost his match. I am frustrated for him as he has done lots to improve and is struggling to show it in competition. He needs to stay the course and believe in his abilities. Greg Flournoy was a great example to his teammates about putting forth effort when he competes. I have been impressed by his effort in the past, but I believe he has taken it to an even higher level. I hope his teammates are watching him closely. He is showing them something special. He is a joy to watch compete. Patrick Davis seemed to only have one thought on his mind and that was to secure a pin. He was aggressive and dominating and did secure the pin. We decided to forfeit 174 as Ryan Forrest is a little banged up right now. Sadly the two other 174lbers on our roster were not available to compete. We were also trying to get creative and juggle the line up so we wouldn’t have to forfeit, but that failed as well. As much as I dislike forfeits, and despite Ryan Forrest’s willingness to compete hurt, we decided to forfeit the weight class after we took a commanding lead in the dual. I hope we made the best decision for all concerned. Luke Ludke lost in the 3rd overtime of his bout. I was pleased to see he is learning how to compete at the 184lb weight class. He made a huge leap in weight to get in the line-up this year and he is making progress. Once again we bumped up Austin Harrison to 197 and this time he was able to secure the win. I was impressed by the effort he showed in riding his opponent for the entire second period. By doing so, he was able to place himself in an advantageous position to win his bout. Matt Voss had a workman like win to secure a 10-3 victory to close out the dual. He is a great closer for this team.

The team will now enjoy a few days at home before we start the heart of our season. Our next competition will be at the Lock Haven Invitational on December 29. Our next home event will be against Virginia Tech on January 3.

Late last week, Shohei Takagi and I had the honor of coaching Sahid Kargbo at the US Open Greco-Roman Wrestling Championships in Las Vegas. Sahid competed well. Sahid came within one match of placing finishing with a 3-2 record. Although he did not qualify for the final Olympic Trials, as of yet, many of the top people in the sport believe he deserves to be at the Final Trials and with a few more months of full-time Greco-Roman training he will succeed. There is no doubt Sahid can compete with anyone in the weight class. Given the opportunity, Sahid will be a force to be reckoned with at the Final Olympic Trials. Sahid would be a great representative for the USA at the Olympic Games.


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