Cleveland State and Edinboro Duals

We embarked on another road trip, our last for winter break, to wrestle at Cleveland State University and Edinboro University. The guys handled the travel well. We watched a few movies during the 6 hour ride to Cleveland. Upon arrival, several guys worked out at the hotel as they would weigh in the following morning.

We wrestled at Cleveland State at noon. Each team won 5 matches. We lost due to bonus points. We gave up 3 major decisions and a pin. Greg Flournoy won his match by major decision. I felt we had other guys capable of scoring bonus points, but it was not to be. It was a frustrating team loss.

After the dual, we boarded the bus and drove part way to Edinboro before stopping at a truck stop for lunch. It was nice for the guys to get a sit down meal before competition. Due to the weigh in rules, you will typically find the guys sitting in a locker room eating a small meal before competition.

We arrived at Edinboro about an hour before the dual. Because of working wrestling camps for many years at Edinboro, I enjoyed seeing some familiar faces and being on campus. Edinboro beat us 8 matches to 2. Vince Rodriguez had a dominant win and Tejon Anthony continued his winning streak. Otherwise it was a tough night.

I do believe the tough day with travel, a morning match, more travel, and evening match with a team that did not compete in the morning is challenging but ultimately it will help us be more prepared for the end of the year. A little adversity should help us to become tougher. We will compete in the morning and evening at the conference and NCAA tournament. We got a taste of what it will be like today. We will be better prepared as a result.

We had several guys compete at the Shorty Hitchcock Open on Saturday as well. Although none placed I was pleased they chose to compete. Often the learning curve is increased due to competition.

The guys start school on Tuesday. I hope they start the semester off well.

We will host Lock Haven on Friday night at the RAC. This will be another tough EWL dual for us. These matches have bearing on conference seeding so it is important we wrestle well. Last year, Lock Haven beat us 31-6. It is important our team show improvement against Lock Haven. The guys can certainly use your support on Friday. Please help give us a home mat advantage.


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