Simulation Matches

We had the guys make weight and wrestle matches this week to be better prepared for our home opener on Thursday. My hope is guys learned from the experience. The hope was they made it as real as possible. Thus, they worked on match preparation and match strategy. The first time down to weight can be difficult. I wanted them to have a weigh in under their belt before actual competition. I believe we got better by doing the simulation matches.

Assistant Coach Canaan Bethea was able to compete this past week at the Bill Farrell International Open. I believe he can use the knowledge he gained at the competition to help our team get better. It is a win/win.

Our fan gear order website shut down a few days ago. I do not know the final order numbers, but was pleased people had the opportunity to purchase Mason Wrestling gear. It will be great seeing people sporting Mason Wrestling gear.

I hope many of you will be able to attend our home opener on Thursday, November 17, 7pm at the RAC. We will host Indiana University. I believe Indiana has 2 wrestlers ranked in the top 20 led by returning All-American Nate Jackson. We will certainly be tested. We will have several new faces in the lineup. I am excited for the team to get the opportunity to compete at home. Some other incentives to get you to the RAC: home duals are free of charge this season; our team will take risks when they compete to make the matches more exciting; Mason event staff knows how to put on a great event; the new wrestling posters are out and you can get them for free if you are early enough to the RAC on Thursday. Although I have many more reasons for you to attend our home opener, I will assume you already got the point – Thursday, November 17 at 7pm the RAC is the place to be.


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