Olympic Trials

Does the wrestling season really ever end? In my opinion, no. I hope it never ends. The NCAA championships ended March 17, but our schedule has remained hectic at George Mason. We have been busy trying to finish work from the past season and more importantly build for the future. I often get asked “what do you do now that the season is over?” Well, to be honest, I have been quite busy. I did take Easter Day off, but otherwise, I have been working. We have been busy recruiting, building our college program (as well as our club program), and keeping guys on track in school, athletics and socially.

I was able to attend the Olympic Trials this past weekend. It is a very emotional event to attend. I watch it mostly from a coaches’ perspective and try and learn as much as possible. Try to see what techniques are scoring for America’s best. See how guys carry themselves on and off the mat. I watch what coaches do before, during and after their wrestlers compete. It was great to see the large crowd support the athletes who have trained and dreamed for many years to have the opportunity to represent the United States at the Olympics.

We will have our season ending awards banquet on Sunday, April 29. It has been difficult preparing for the event. I guess that goes with the job. I hope it is a day to celebrate the seniors and the hard work the team put in this season.

We are also preparing to host our first summer camps. There are lots of hurdles to cross to prepare for a summer camp. We want to put on a camp that people walk away from feeling it was a worthwhile experience. This year we are going to have a team camp (July 8-12), technique camp (July 8-12) and a father/son camp (July13-14).