Thank You

When I arrived at George Mason and decided it would be beneficial for the program for me to share my thoughts via a blog, I did not anticipate how to write my last blog. Please forgive me if it falls short, but I guess that keeps it in line with other attempts (I believe I posted over 150).

On a personal note, I want to say thank you. There are so many who poured into the program, my family and into me. Thank you to all.

I guess I should start with the hiring committee and those in the decision making process to bring me on board. You took a risk and I hope you were not disappointed.

Thank you to the team who inherited me as their coach. I know it had to be difficult to welcome the new guy. We made it through the transition and as a result we had some success.

Thank you to the wrestlers who chose to be part of the program while I was the head coach. It means the world to me personally you chose to trust me with your college wrestling career.

To the guys still on the team, please continue to stick together and build something special for each other and George Mason University. You are off to a great start. Watching you compete from afar was bittersweet for me this weekend. I loved seeing so many of you step on the line to compete. I look forward to cheering for you from afar. Do great things. I will miss being one of your coaches.

Thank you to the coaches who gave so much to me and the team. You guys helped me lead the crew. I think we worked well as a team.

Thank you to my board of advisors for the wrestling program and the board of the Patriot Elite Wrestling Club. You guys did great things in moving the program forward and for helping me make wise decisions.

Thank you to the athletic department staff. It takes so many people giving of themselves to run a D1 program. From the big difficult decisions to simply helping pick up the trash, all of us serve a purpose, and your support of the program was appreciated. I look forward to seeing all of you continue to build the Mason Wrestling program.

Thank you to the former wrestling coaches for George Mason University as you offered me so much support, wisdom and help. Now that I am a former Mason Coach, I hope to follow your lead and continue to support the program.

Thank you to the boosters and donors who made the program stronger while I was at Mason. Your efforts made the decision makers take notice of the program. We are better positioned because of you.

Thank you to the alums. I hope we increased the pride of your Alma mater. It was meaningful to me to have your support. It made a positive impact on my tenure at Mason. The President of the University affectionately called you the “Wrestling Mafia” because of your strength and unity. We needed it and the program will continue to need you to be vested.

Sadie, Taft and I are grateful for our nearly six years in Northern Virginia. Thank you to George Mason University and Patriot Nation. We pray we made a positive impact.