August 2016 Update

Summer is almost over. It is an exciting time as there is a buzz of activity around campus. Classes start on Monday August, 29. We will have our first team meeting of the new school year on Tuesday, August 30.

I was able to attend the NWCA Convention at the end of July. It was a great time to learn, meet people and to fellowship. I felt our meetings with the D1 coaches and the NCAA was especially beneficial this year. We will see if the seeds planted will bear fruit. I think they will.

We recently finished our summer wrestling camps at the GMU Field House. I was pleased to see our number of campers grew again this year. We also did a high school only camp for the first time which I believe was well received. Sahid Kargbo was at every session of every camp. I was thankful to have his help and I know the campers benefited from his expertise. It was fun having my brother and dad at some of the camps as well. Both of them do a great job, so I know they helped the participants grow as people and wrestlers. Several GMU wrestlers stopped by camp to lend a hand which was great for all involved. I was encouraged to see several repeat campers.

If anyone is interested, my brother Dan left several signed copies of his book, “Finish Strong” for me to sell. You can contact me or stop by the wrestling office if you want to purchase an autographed copy of his book.

We will host the Paul Maltagliati Memorial Golf Tournament on Wednesday, September 14 at Bull Run Golf Course. This is our biggest fundraiser of the year for the Patriot Elite Wrestling Club. Hopefully you can attend or be one of our sponsors. For more information, go to

Like most of you, I will be watching as much of the Olympic wrestling competition as possible. There will be some amazing stories written this week in Rio.